Sleep 2


Pause's for a given amount of time. Same as the old sleep but with some extra switches and functionality.

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Pause's for a given amount of time.

 sleep2 [amount] [/AN] [/B] [/M] [/L] [/R] [/T "text message" ] [/V]

  You can use - or / for the parameters/switches

  amount  Integer. Must always be the first parameter.
  /AN     Animated countdown. Ignored when using the flag /L ( milliseconds )
  /B      Beep wen finished. Three short beeps are emited.
  /F      Show the "Free text" after the amount. Used with /T.
  /M      [amount] is in minutes. ( default = seconds )
  /L      [amount] is in milliseconds, minimum = 10 ms ( default is seconds )
  /R      Display a quick reference table ( minutes = seconds ).
  /T      Free text. Enclose with "" when entering more than one word.
  /V      Version.

  ex1: sleep2 5

  ex2: sleep2 7 /an /f /t " second(s) until next step"
        result: 7 second(s) until next step

  ex3: sleep2.exe 500 /l
       Sleep for 500 milliseconds.

  ex4: sleep2.exe 7 /t "seconds left! " /an /b
        result: 7 seconds left!

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