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Windows tool that simulates real keyboard input. In memory of Parjam Bahrami. This is a very handy tool when you work a lot with RDP. Sometimes the clipboards stop working, the sessions are slow, passwords are long and complicated, some input boxes do not allow copy and paste, etc... There is an infinity of scenarios in where this tool can be very handy. So, try it and make you own mind. Chances are that it will stick to your toolbox...
This tool goes very well with Password Safe since you cannot, in an easy way, tell Password Safe the [Keystrokes speed] and [Delay before start] is not an option.

Story behind this tool:

Parjam wrote this tool because the clipboards on the terminal servers
were constantly breaking and we didn't always have the rights to reset
the services. It was originally written in C# and he was sending me the
incrementing versions for feedback and testing until we got what
we wanted. After a while using it, I realized I couldn't work without it.
Then, due to my lack of patience for those seconds we always have to wait
for non-compiled code to start, like in java and C#, I decide to rewrite it
in C++. And believe me, I would rewrite it in assembler if I could.
He was amused by my impatience for those kind of things ;)

Download binary:

Current Version: 0.4 -> Version: 0.3 ->


TextTyperAbout TextTyper
TextTyper InputTextTyper - If [Command Mode] is enabled, this is the default, all between the {}
will be interpreted as a command. For a complete list of all commands
I personally find myself using only {TAB} and {ENTER} but you might
find others very useful as well. This tool uses AutoItX3.dll from AutoIt. More info here:
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