Time Viewer Console


Windows command line tool that converts date to seconds/milliseconds/hexadecimal and viceversa.

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 Command Prompt
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
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 tvc.exe v2.0 - Time Viwer Console
 Copyright (C) 1998-2011 Javier Hernandez
 WinUtilis -
 Last update - August 08, 2011

 Time Viewer Console. (Converts seconds to date and viceversa.)

 tvc [/D] [/F] [/FC] [/H] [/HP] [/M] [/N] [/U] [/Z]

 /D     Seconds to date.

 /F     Date format when using [/D] or [/HD]. Default is "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"
        For information on formatting codes type tvc.exe /fc

 /FC    Show date formating codes and exit.

 /H     Return the result in Hexadecimal when converting to seconds [/D].
        Use the flag /U to return the result in upper case.

 /HD    Convert Hexadecimal value to date.
        Ouput date format is ISO 8601: "yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS"
        Use /F to modify output format.

 /HP    Same as /H but ads 0x at the begining of the result.

 /M     Date to seconds.
        Input date format is ISO 8601: "yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS"
        Other separators are also permited.
        The time part can be omited.
        Upper limit is 3000-12-31. Lower limit is 1970-01-01.

 /N     No logo. Suppress logo information.

 /U     Return the Hexadecimal result in uppercase when using [/H] [/M].

 /Z     Return milleseconds instead of seconds when using [/M].


         ex 1:  tvc -m "2001-12-24 01:00:00" -n

         ex 2:  tvc -m 2001-12-24 -n

         ex 3:  tvc -d 979257600 -n
                2001-01-12 01:00:00

         ex 4:  tvc -m "2001-12-24 01:00:00" -n -hp -u

         ex 5:  tvc -m "%date% %time%" -n -hp -u

         ex 6:  tvc -d 979257600 -n -f "%A, %d %B %Y, %I:%M:%S %p"
                Friday, 12 January 2001, 01:00:00 AM

         ex 7:  tvc -hd 0X4E3D5938 -n -f "%A, %d %B %Y, %I:%M:%S %p"
                Saturday, 06 August 2011, 05:09:44 PM

         ex 8:  tvc -hd 0X4E3D57B0 -n
                2011-08-06 17:03:12

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